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Achievement and Learning Center

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THIS IS THE ACADEMIC COACHING SCHEDULE. (To see the Tutoring or Writing schedules, select from the top drop-down menu.)

Get advice and encouragement on general learning strategies, time management, organizational skills, concentration, oral presentations, goal setting, motivation, exam prep, test-taking techniques, and more. Meet with a professional or fellow student to develop a personalized success plan.


NOTE: Some coaching staff will offer an online option. In making an appointment with them, you must select either the online or face-to-face option.


1. Make an appointment with Cydney Delia, our professional coach and learning consultant, on this schedule (Academic Coaching).


2. Make an appointment with a fellow student on the Tutoring schedule. Selected peer tutors have received special training, share your student perspective, and often have special insights into your major or what it means to be a student at UB. (Check for their majors next to Bio/Info inside the white appointment box.) To make an appointment with a fellow student, select


---the Tutoring schedule from the drop-down menu above, then


---academic coaching (peer) from the Limit to: drop-down menu, look for a white box (open appointment), and click the box to submit your information.

If you don't find a time that matches your availability, please email

Welcome to the ALC's Appointment System
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Writing Center [Spring 2016]
Use this schedule to make face-to-face or online appointments with writing consultants. They are available to help you start, organize, or revise your written work.

utoring [Spring 2016]
Use this schedule to make individual or group appointments with a tutor for a specific course or for a course-related computer program. Some tutors may be available both face-to-face and online.

For peer academic coaching, please narrow the focus to Academic Coaching. These appointments are useful to work on skills like time management, concentration and memory, goal setting and motivation, exam preparation and performance.


Legal Writing Center [Spring 2016]
Use this schedule to make a face-to-face appointment with a Legal Writing Fellow – available for daytime and evening J.D. students, subject to professor’s permission.

For more information on these or other ALC services, stop by our office in the Academic Center, Room 113, or visit our website,